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Worship And Award Night

About WAAN:

WORSHIP AND AWARD NIGHT (WAAN) "All About God's Greatness" is a race to shwocase our Leaders, great Men and Women, Politicians, and good Business Owners who had positively affected the lives of "an ordinary" People (Those putting Humanity First). Our Events are packaged for Showing appreciation to God and to those He (God) used to put smile on the fce of Humanity.

WAAN is an annual program which will feature GOSPEL TALENTS CONTEST, Godly Politicians, Good People, Great Leaders, Great Business Owners and To Promote and Encourage New Businesses.

We also organize seminars from time to time, to keep young men and women off the position of joblessness and make people create something out of nothing.

WAAN Yearly Gospel Contest will be to promote Gospel Spirit of Worship in the Lives of Young People and Make the Future of Gospel Talents Stronger.

We feature: Gospel Musical Talents, Gospel Instrumentalist, Gospel Comedians, Gospel Dance Group and many more Gospel Talents.

Our 1st Event Was WAAN2018 Which Was a Glorious Success, we had the 2nd Event at WAAN2019 then shutdown since for COVID19. 

WAAN is repackaging and will return stronger than it was.

Bellow Is The Photo Speak of WAAN2018 Grand Finale:


Our Next Event Will Be Available Here Soon For Booking. Please Stay With Us.


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